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Sanding floors is one part science, one part art, and many parts hard, dusty work. Producing the highest-quality results with the least amount of effort requires a specific, well-defined sequence of steps. That’s why floor sanding professionals put so much trust in 3M products. They know that 3M understands their business and has developed highly specialized products to address the exact needs of every step in the process.


For example, every grit on every belt, disc, roll or sheet is designed for a specific floor sanding stage. Choose from our coarse grits for removing heavy stock or finish buildup, and our finer grades for creating the smooth, beautiful finish professionals expect.


No matter how extensive or involved the floor sanding project, 3M products are designed to make your job a whole lot easier.


All 3M belts feature exceptionally durable cloth backings and smooth, strong splices to reduce chatter. Purple 3MTM RegaliteTM Belts feature our patented 3MTM CubitronTM ceramic aluminum oxide mineral that starts sharp and stays sharp long after many other belts have stopped cutting. The backings, adhesives and abrasive minerals used on each belt are all carefully matched to make sure they work together. This innovative construction helps the cutting surface stay cool, which minimizes loading and maximizes belt life. 3M Brand belts are economical and use a high-quality synthetic mineral.


3M’s complete line of safety products help provide the protection you need for virtually every aspect of sanding floors—from initial sanding to staining and finishing. Our respirators, safety glasses, hearing protection and first aid kits are all designed for floor sanding and finishing applications, even under the most rigorous conditions.

Masking Tape

Masking tapes and duct tapes are an important part of many floor surfacing projects. 3M has a wide selection of tapes specially designed for specific applications. Scotch® Masking Tapes are invaluable for creating super- sharp paint lines on sports floors and other decorative flooring projects. They can also be used to seal doors or cabinets to prevent dust buildup and hold newly laid floorboards together. In addition, high-quality Scotch® Duct Tapes come in handy for many uses, such as sealing plastic and bundling loose boards together.


It’s important to use the right tape for the job. The wrong tape can leave adhesive on the surface or, worse, pull away the finish, resulting in rework. To prevent surface damage and adhesive transfer, be sure to choose the right tape for the surface being masked, the adhesion level you’ll need and the length of time the tape will be left up.

Masking Tools & Dust Control

Dust control is one of the biggest challenges facing the professional floor sander. That’s why 3MTM Hand-MaskerTM Masking Tools are so important. Nothing is faster or easier for protecting rooms, furniture, furnishings, window treatments, home entertainment systems, kitchen cabinets and appliances against dust. Some products are pre-taped for convenience. No floor sanding professional should go without these time and labor-saving tools.

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